Murrieta Bankruptcy Attorney

The first thing to realize when considering bankruptcy is that you do not need to be ashamed. As a Murrieta Bankruptcy Attorney I can help ease your fears and concerns. People end up unable to pay their debt for numerous legitimate reasons and the bankruptcy laws specifically exist is to help get them out of their negative financial situation. Often the toughest part of bankruptcy is actually deciding that you need help and calling an attorney for the initial consultation. Rest assured that from the moment you call my Murrieta office my staff and myself will put you at ease and help guide you through the bankruptcy process. I provide a free bankruptcy consultation at my Murrieta office for those who are considering filing bankruptcy. During that consultation we will discuss the details of your situation and establish a plan to help you get your financial situation under control.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is designed for average to low-income earners and provides total and immediate relief from debt. It can permanently eliminate most unsecured debt including credit cards, unsecured loans, judgments, etc. It is the most common type of bankruptcy and most individuals and families in our geographic area qualify for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is designed for average to high-income earners and provides for a structured process to reorganizing debt. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be good for those who are behind on their mortgage or car payments, or in need to strip a second mortgage from a home. Much of the same benefits that are available for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy are also available for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filers.


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